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Thread: ... ATO Elsphynx's ..

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    ... ATO Elsphynx's ..

    .. We were wrong mate, probably along with everyone else. We got the first half right as us both had us getting beat about 3-0, I think ..

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    Aye Andy, Two own goals & another point to assist our cause for another great escape (of a different kind) but we need some divine intervention from somewhere so i`ll take that.. Finished work at 5 and thought i was hearing things when i got in the car and switched Radio on, knew we were 3-0 down at H/T and fully expected the final result to be 5 or 6-0...Miracles do happen! and Fourth bottom will do for this season!

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    .. Just when I start to fall into lethargy, they go and do something like this. Not sure if I'd prefer to be at work or the match on Saturday. Dare we hope we don't fall flat on our face agina ..

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    Hope springs eternal mate, but think we`ve had it now like...Work on Saturdays does provide a rather fortunate alternative for me atm!

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