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Thread: Silent Match watching

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    Silent Match watching

    The feed I got on p2p4u didn't have any sound and certainly lets you see a game in a different light. Especially straight after the Scotland rugby match!!

    Aberdeen played for most of the game in third gear and in the second half dropped to second gear. Really didn't push themselves and kinda came down to our level.

    There was no real tactics evident, too many headless and directionless players not knowing where to be, what is expected and how to do it.

    Physically man to man, United are just too small to compete with proper men.

    Fail marks went to too many

    Lewis, no confidence himself and none for the defence.
    Gillespie, some promise but not a first team material as yet.
    Robson, a real disaster now, out of position too often, not chasing/following men, terrible distribution (same as most). He needs a challenge for the position.
    King, just isn't there, poor workmate, anonymous, showed only once and a goal scored. Has ha got a line on United losing, several times had the room to take men on and bottled it.
    Lyng, terrible game, too early to judge as yet, 2 more games to show then cut the loses.
    Murdoch, totally out of his depth needs to become a man.
    M Smith, simply out of his depth still.
    Stanton worked harder than of late and was positive
    Flood wish he was 10 years younger, but his energy level should be observed by the rest. He has become a pivotal player of late and has probably been best player on park. He gives a lot away but also does a lot to lose.
    Mikkleson, McDonald not really given chance to shine yesterday.

    Simple things like controlling the ball form throw ins, passing beyond 10-12 meters, looking for a man in same shirt all lacking and school boy stuff. Most of the players looked like strangers.

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    I thought this was a thread about the atmosphere at Pittodrie. And we think Tannadice is a morgue, at least we've got the excuse of being cr@p!

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