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Thread: Ryan Mason retires at 26

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    Ryan Mason retires at 26

    A clash of heads with Cahill while playing for Hull last season left him with a fractured skull and a massive scar and neurologists have advised him to retire.
    Sad end to a promising career

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    Sad news.

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    Very sad news but good to hear that he has taken medical advice.
    I wish him well in whatever he decides to do in the future, no doubt he will have to take stock first after having made this decision.
    Whatever he decides to do will not replace the joy of playing football because there is no substitute for that even if you haven't played at the highest level.
    Good luck for the future Ryan.

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    That's a shame, you see these terrible injuries but always think they'll come back, but not this time. Never really sure which way his career was going, it seemed that one minute he was a future star at Spurs and in the England squad, next minute they sold him to Hull. I never knew why.

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    Such a shame for the lad.. Just in his prime and having to give up the game he loves..sad news indeed.

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