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Thread: Why are Wednesday called the Owls?

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    Why are Wednesday called the Owls?

    Been to a really good astronomy meeting tonight at which it was mentioned that the best observatories tend to be in Chile on account of the permanently clear skies. As a result of this there is a quest to build the worlds largest telescope in Chile. The last one to be designed was called the GMT which stood for Giant Magellan Telescope.

    They are now trying to go one better and are designing the OWL telescope (true - you can google it). It was only when it was mentioned that OWL stands for Over Whelmingly Large that I finally realised that this is why the Massives call themselves the Owls.

    So unless anyone has a better explanation can we take it as read?!

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    Overweight W a nkers Lick Suppositories.

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    I very rarely call them anything as nice as their nickname.

    Classless club,classless fans.

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    owls in the five arches bridge

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    I thought it was short for Overbearing Wittering Liars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayBlade View Post
    I thought it was short for Overbearing Wittering Liars.
    Owlerton Window Lickers Society

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holden_C View Post
    Owlerton Window Lickers Society
    Have a like Marvin. They're called Pigs by my family and a few other expletives also. UTCB

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