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Thread: O’Connor

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    Looks like he will be back in training in 2 weeks, though in none contact drills. How long until he is back, beginning to mid March on the bench and maybe April when match fit.
    Where does he fit in? On his day I think he is as good as anything we have, if not better. He could certainly do the job the Hewitt does, in actual fact I would go as far as saying Hewitt could become 2nd choice. Obviously this is all dependent on how O’Connor reacts to training and whether he is good enough to hit the ground running and in form. Though it would not be his fault if not.
    The final thing to consider is whether he deserves a contract, which gives him added motivation to really impress, whether that be Notts or a future elsewhere. O’Connor has a lot to lose or gain.

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    If you think he is going to walk into the side in place of Hewitt you must be deluded! We do however need his leadership on the pitch which is something we are currently sadly missing.

    Can't see him replacing Hewitt or Husin at the moment though unless they suffer an injury or suspension.

    I suppose we could always try a new formation to try and accommodate him, like 4-5-1 for instance . . . oh hang on a minute!

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