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Thread: Off the top of your head . . .

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    Off the top of your head . . .

    Can any of you think of one game that we have lost in the league this season but didn't play utter pysh? In fact come to think of it, apart from the single goal prior to the six that we shipped v Falkirk, have we even scored in any of the games that we have lost?

    You know when you get a right good battle of a game with both teams giving it everything and the opposition just put away one more of their chances or get a dodgy penalty or something and you lose 2-1. You're gutted about losing the game but you know that your team near enough matched the other team and you can honestly say they were unlucky and you applaud them off the pitch any way?

    That hasn't happened this season, has it? Every game we've lost, we've been absolutely dire and offered nothing, created no chances and been made to look like a pub team. Am I right?

    What's my point? Not entirely sure. I just think there is something far wrong there. Far too many times in one season have I come on here and read posts like "that is the worst performance I've seen in 40 odd years supporting United".

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    I think your point is that United have simply seemed t be satisfied with lying down and getting easily humped rather than playing as if our lives depended on it.

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    It's a fair point you make PT_A.
    No, I can't really remember a game this season when we have lost or drawn even and came away saying 'we wiz robbed'.
    What that tells us is not that we've been unlucky but just that we're not very good.
    Sad to say

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    Your point seems to be that United are badly in need of players who hate losing, won't accept defeat and will fight for the ball non stop for 90 mins. Your point seems to be that the United players need to have a winning mentality from the kick off.

    United have the same away goal record as Brechin and have only won 6 away games all season.

    It's time for the players to wake up, roll up their sleeves, start playing for the jersey and get f***ing stuck in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmedDUm View Post
    What that tells us is not that we've been unlucky but just that we're not very good.
    When we are bad we are real bad. There have been quite a few games this season we've wiped the floor with the opposition too.

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