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Thread: O/T George Groves V Eubank JNR

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    O/T George Groves V Eubank JNR

    Hi Fellas.

    No idea if anyone might be interested but I have 3 tickets available for the fight on Saturday nigh, between Groves and Eubank. The tickets for the show sold out in under an hour and its a 20'000 sell out.

    I paid 424 for 3 tickets but due to unforseen family circumstances myself and 2 sons cannot make it now.

    If anyone is interested I'd take any reasonable offer. I do not expect to get my money back btw, I paid 90 in booking fees with


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    Riley just a thought but have you tried eBay or is illegal to sell them on?

    Going to be a stormer of a fight. Both capable of stopping each other.
    Think Groves is the stronger of the two. Eubank has had a few hand picked fighters to ease him along the way and he may find this is toughest fight yet.

    Can’t really say who’s going to win this one.
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    Yeah it will bea cracker Brin, gutted I'm going to miss it.

    Good news is I've got shut of the tickets and got near enough all my dough back bar the booking fee.

    Mods thread can be closed, thanks.

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