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Thread: OMG can I survive

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    OMG can I survive

    After listening to the game on Saturday (killie 1 Celtic 0) and Wednesday nights great game I am hoping my heart stands up to it all.Twice in four days I have ended up shouting at the radio,going through all the emotions before the final one of shear joy.I felt I was listening to,at last,a team who would fight like tigers to get a result.We Killie fans have waited a long time to get a team like Stevie is giving us.It is also great that some of these players from last year are finally showing what they are made of.Not expecting much from the cup excursion to Aberdeen,but at least wehave hope,something we have not had for quite a few seasons.

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    I'm not saying a word in case I jinx it! Keeping my fingers crossed though.

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