Just to set the record straight.
First things first. Under no circumstances have I felt bullied or have been bullied out of here. My toys came out the pram and I saw the red mist.
I was called a **** and told to f##k off by some scrote. I asked for a meet up yesterday (which in hindsight was the wrong thing to do) which he declined as he is all mouth. Now when my son gets angry I tell him to remove himself from the situation. Which is what I did. No grand gesture looking for sympathy just getting out before things escalate.
Now you'll notice on my taxi thread Mork and Mindy were there and still are going at it.
Apparently I have multiple identities, not really Albion and never go to home games. Comedy Gold ay they. And of course siding with a dingle. As I have said before I will not hate anyone if their scarf is a different colour to mine.
I'll let the rest of you judge them but one"s got a big mouth and the other brown noses him at every available opportunity.
Now I know they'll respond to this but they'll get no reply from me. Mindy has a new soundbite about a post I made a couple of weeks ago to abobrom? Which she'll no doubt repeat 25 times.

To the rest of you
Thanks. No really thanks for the sensible advice and support. It has been taken on board.