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Thread: Not Villa for Newcy and EveWolf

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    Not Villa for Newcy and EveWolf

    Just heard that Alan Pardew stated that none of the four players that stole the taxi in Barcelona will ever wear a Baggie shirt again.

    Apparently, since then, 7 more Albion players came forward and said they were in the back seat.

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    Can we laugh as well Statesie? Seems such a shame to exclude us Villans.

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    We can, but they're apparently not real rivals.

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    They have been taking the piss out of our demise in a ‘holier than thou’ type of manner for 2 years. Pride comes before a fall & all that.
    As for rivals, I know that they are THE main rivals for you and others born to the Handsworth ‘hood’ but for most whilst there is a local rivalry geographically, there was never the same venom at the games, compared to small heath. I’ve been to 2 Black country derbies over the years and there is a white hot atmosphere not seen at Villa/wba or Villa/wolves.
    Nonetheless, it’s a witty observation of the chaos going on up the A41, worthy of a chuckle from all affiliated to the West Mids.
    Judging by ‘gallows humour’ of Midlands folk, I’m sure them lot on wbamad laughed as well.

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    Exiled, you are so right. I grew up in Handsworth Wood. A bunch of Albion players lived there at the time. The rivalry between us Villans and them was quite bitter. I saw 4 Villa/Albion matches before my first Villa/Blues match and oh my lord the difference was astonishing. It was an unbelievable atmosphere. I hadn't realised it was as huge as it was because until I left school and got my first job I had never met a Birmingham fan. A Rangers fan, a Celtic fan, a Walsall fan and an Oldham fan, but never a Blues fan.

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    What road did you live on Statesey? I myself was a Wood boy in the 80's!

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    I lived at High Trees, Then 122 Hamstead Hall Rd by Grestone junior school. Then 5 The Coppice off Denewood Ave

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    Small world - I lived on Underwood Road.

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