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Thread: We played well tonight to come back

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    We played well tonight to come back

    It's a little drop in form but there's loads of twists and turns left yet!

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    Agreed. Can we send Mr Oh No Ma! Back yet? I haven't seen him contributing too much so far. I'd rather see our kids play than him.

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    No panic yet, but by fk we were poor all over the pitch.
    Statesie’s mate Onomuck creates nowt.
    The keeper has been lost in his own 6yd box all year.
    Zebedee is a good defender but that’s it, no adventure in him at all.
    We were outplayed at home by an organised, rugged outfit.
    We’re lost without Jack and Albert, only SB knows why the kids can’t get a game.
    Still, there’s loads to play for, need a win against Wednesday.

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    Really worrying how much we miss jack and adoma ? Letís hope there fit for weekend ? Any news on them ?

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    Not looking good Dazzy mate. SB reckons we have 6 injured. Kodj, Green, Albert, Jack, Grabban and Davis.

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