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    Thanks Roy as always.
    Made my morning cuppa even better....

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    Cheers Roy, as always.
    While I can’t agree with those who think they ought to have won the game, I am sure that if I were a QPR fan, I would be very disappointed in not getting a draw.
    Having read the pre-match views as well, they appear to have accepted mid-table safety with remarkably good (black) humour. Given their spending of a few years ago, I would have expected more anger from the fans. In a way, the team seemed to reflect the outlook of their fans (or vice versa) in being resigned to their current status and not really ready to “bust a gut” to strive for greater success.

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    It happens a lot with football supporters

    Team does nothing for 65 minutes, goes 2-0 down
    Get a goal back
    Then think they might as well give it a go

    Try hard for the last 20 minutes and think they deserve something

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