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Thread: José Mourinho

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    José Mourinho

    It's no secret that I love José - fr his first stint as Chelsea manager he was the breath of fresh air that the league was crying out for. Unlike managers like Benitez and Ancelotti - you get the impression that he doesn't need a chequebook to be successful. With his management style I'm sire he could coach the best out of any team. It's why he has been successful everywhere he has been. However, in recent years his jovial and dramatics have been replaced with a surly and pessimistic character and Klopp seems to have taken over as "manager you like who has nothing to do with your team"

    When he has had enough of a job role José starts blaming his players and medical team. He is doing this again now with Pogba and the medical team with Herrera.

    What I don't understand is that the United team is better on paper than the citeh team.

    Why doesn't he utilise the players at his disposal? Why play pogba next to matic as a holding midfielder? Why alienate Luke Shaw? My United team would be






    I know it's not villa related but I rang talksport last night amd couldn't get thru! Haha

    How would José fare with villa do you think? Grealish would be worth £100m within a year or two!!!

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    It's funny Sam, I too have long admired him but noticed how 'worn' he looked on a recent interview. It would be extremely interesting to see what the Special One would do with our squad, sadly a pipe dream I feel!?

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    Can’t say that I have any interest in other teams (apart from occasionally Ajax), except in the days leading up to when they play us. I don’t bet on accumulators, so other team’s form is of no importance to me, again, unless they’re due to play us.
    I wouldn’t even say that I have interest in other football managers either, unless we’re after a new one.
    Jose to me is just some arrogant two hatter off Sky Sports News. What I will say about him though, is he IS in fact a cheque book manager of the highest order. He’s right up there with Ancelotti, Pep, Klopp, Rafa and Arry.
    In Portugal, Spain, England and Italy, he worked with the best available players in the country/World.
    Let’s see how good they all are with the sh1te that’s been wearing Claret & Blue these past 6 years.

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    I have just read y hat José is the first manager in history to have spent over £1b

    Still not a chequebook manager tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by samhubball View Post
    I have just read y hat José is the first manager in history to have spent over £1b

    Still not a chequebook manager tho
    Well Sam he ain't exactly been restricted to shopping in Pound land has he ?

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    I never understood his alianating Shaw either. However, I saw the game vs Huddersfield and they said that he had recently said Shaw was the best left back in the division. So at some point he has flipped and it was some psychological game he was playing. Some players need that.

    I don't think he could do much more with Villa than Bruce is TBH. FFP is going to hamper us if we don't escape this division so unless we went up he would lose players no gain them. I think Villa fans would turn on him because his tactics are just about stifling opponents and we already hate that we are that team with Bruce.

    To me Mourinho never did his dues like most managers have had to, but he was successful anyway, so I would be worried if we were his first none rich club to be in charge of.

    As as far as managers I follow, I am watching Wagner at Huddersfield. He is a mini Klopp as they worked together at Dortmund, but has some different ideas. It's funny to see Liverpool with short fast players and Huddersfield with very tall players trying to play the same way. However they are a universe apart in talent because of the money spent on the respective squads, this is why football is beginning to crumble as the top clubs should have had their own leagues in Europe for the past twenty years but that's another topic.

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    He certainly knows how to win trophies and out-think his opposite number, he's not so good when the chips are down so he'd fail abysmally at AVFC as we seem to rollercoaster through the decades.

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