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Thread: Red TV International Full Match Replay?

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    Red TV International Full Match Replay?

    Does anyone know when the full game is available on RedTV International, or when they are usually?

    Going to miss the live event but might try to not find out the score and watch it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneBrianIrvine View Post
    I think it varies - I've seen it be 10pm but also sometimes not until midnight?
    I don't think there's any announcement on this one yet?

    Word of warning - I've done this before & even though I bookmarked the match page itself & not the main menu, the surrounding pics gave away the outcome...
    Yeah, seems to vary depending on kick off time and where they're sourcing the video from. I would suspect this game will be up on replay by late afternoon rather than 10pm or midnight, but you never really know in advance.

    I've also tried the approach of avoiding the score before to watch back later (I might try it again tomorrow actually as don't think i'm going to catch it live...) but doesn't always work - you can bookmark the page - - which should take you directly to the replay of the last match - but usually when I then have to log in, having logged in it takes me back to the home page - cue thumbnail of player celebrating which suggests we've won, or thumbnail of player looking dejected which suggests we've lost. Also, sometimes it doesn't seem to play when I use the "last match" option. Can be quite frustrating when you've gone out of your way to avoid the score and then you basically find out just before you go to watch it.

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    What a load of absolute f8cking garbage redtv international is.
    I work abroad a lot so subscribe to redtv and have done for years but watching the games is still hit or miss and theres no danger ive ever seen a full uninterrupted 90mins. In comparison, i watched last weeks game on hibs tv from somewhere in France and it was flawless and the whole service was light years ahead of what redtv provide. The 2 old wifies commentating/moaning on redtv is painful, the tumbleweed silence at HT (hibs tv had a recap on the first half with footage and a roundup of the other HT SPL scores).
    Get it sorted redtv you bungling, incompetent c*nts.

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    Thanks for the advice. Still nothing on redtv but added the bookmark.

    To be fair to them apart from the cringe worthy commentary, RedTV has improved. I've had it pretty much since in started. There was a point where it hardly ever seemed to work on match days.

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