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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis_begbie_HFC View Post
    what you regard as negativity is only negative to the people who think things are going well ,these guys you think are negative thay wont be thinking that as thay will be thinking the exact opposite ,what was all getting said that could be regarded as negative likes ?
    Francis- as I was struggling to come to terms with your point I decided to use the Google translation tool to see if they could decipherer it. Nope-it broke it

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    One elderly shareholder stood up and said he thought our goalkeeper Alan Martin was rubbish . Gary respected his opinion but completely disagreed

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    Gary also explained his after match comments about young players getting booed . He quite rightly said it does absolutely nothing for a players confidence when the receive verbal abuse from the stands. He was only protecting those involved . Assistant manager Dougie Anderson did an excellent speech at the end agreeing with him about how such abuse can completely destroy a youngsters self belief

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    The manager also admitted he’s NEVER sent a team out NOT to win a game and the so called HOOFBALL we sometimes see when defenders launch long meaningless balls up front is against his pre match instructions

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    If "Hoofball" is against against the managers pre match instructions,then something is wrong.Do the players have no faith in the managers tactics?Or no faith in the manager himself?

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