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    It would not be me if i never mentioned it.There is a old `saying`long notice long past,and short notice soon past.Well it took a long time to get here so you should know the rest.It is unusual for (Pc)air mass to stretch a long way westwards into the Atlantic ocean.The thing is the north sea is fueling the showers so is doing us no favors,hence west Cumbria has fared a little bit better.As regards the match forget it because it will not thaw quick enough.Next week will be less cold with the return of modified (Tm) air which will help a little bit if nowt else,now wheres me shovel.

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    Speaking as someone who's just got in after been stuck in drifts near Moota quarry, and had to be towed out by a kind farmer, it can't come quickly enough. And I can't see the game being on either, so I'm staying in until about May.

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    How ironic the snow may well have saved this fixture griff.Now anything less than a win and i can see it now, how the hell was this game allowed to be on in freezing wind chilled conditions.This by the selfish me me me and my club first and sod everybody else.So i guess it will be praise for all and sundry if we win or a inquest if we get done,what do you reckon griff.

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    I reckon I probably won't be there. No trains because of the strike, and the missus has the car from early on until mid afternoon. BBCRC it is then.

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    Is the beast from the east Putins revenge,a few snow showers are possible but the cold will put a few off,anyhow get the hot water bottles out and just sweat it out and nobody will feel a thing if we win. On the other hand people will feel twice as cold if were getting beat cos its all in the mind,well it could be in this case eh.

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