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I acknowledge that, I know charitable people who do a good job for nothing to which I will continue to support but still itís disgusing what they pay themselves (some obviously)
Yes let us all remember that there are a lot of good willed hard working folks that put a lot of time (mostly unpaid)into charitable causes. Well done them.

But...... it's time to think about where your donations to major charities actually go. In most cases it's a mystery.

I would rather donate locally where it's harder for the money to be used corruptly and in most cases you can actually see what the money is buying.

Sticks in the craw when I see multimillionaire media luvvies with foreign tax dodging lifestyles asking me to send money to some lame project in Africa. What makes it worse for me is the fact that our government spent £45 of my tax this year on foreign aid with no consultation.