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Thread: O/T Western Union

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    O/T Western Union

    I am selling something and someone has forwarded the money via Western Uninon. It's the first time I have ever had dealings with them.

    They are wanting me to pay a sup of moeny up front in Tax and other stuff is this normal?

    Has anyone had dealings with them?

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    Were you selling plane tickets to Plymouth?

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    Lol if the parachute doesn't work then bring it back for a refund.

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    used western a few years ago on a poker site. not had any problems though there were no fees. maybe its like paypal. if you sell goods on paypal theres always a fee..

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    Its a con.

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    Quote Originally Posted by one_a_day View Post
    Its a con.
    Yep! 100%. I phoned Western Union and gave them the transaction number. They said that it didn't exist so I've filed it int bin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frogmiller View Post
    Yep! 100%. I phoned Western Union and gave them the transaction number. They said that it didn't exist so I've filed it int bin!
    So you haven't actually got a hung inheritance in Nigeria?

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    The irony is that yesterday I started the thread about charities and this guy said that he worked for the Red Cross. He wanted to pay for it now and trusted me to keep the van until he arranged its collection.

    I know a guy who sold his van this way to a guy who exports them to African countries so I thought that maybe it was the same sort of thing.

    The mandate came through and it directed me through to the Western Union site when I validated the sum. He also sent to me a scanned copy of a passport with the same name.

    950€ he said that he'd put in.
    200€ Taxes and charges
    750€ Paid to me.

    It seemed as though they wanted the 200€ to release the money. Of course this seemed a little steep but I didn't know the charges and the T&Cs on WU site don't mention it so I phoned them.

    Obviously I haven't paid nor would I until I found out from them that this was normal for their transactions.

    Western Union have since told me that I have been a victim of fraud but I haven't. I wonder how many people have fallen for this especially because the guy said that he was working for the Red Cross.

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    Any emails with Western union, Hi i'am a ex Serviceman, Greeting this is the FBI your package is at JFK ,or any **** from Nigeria get filed in the junk box. Also the amount of Russian girls wanting to shag me is getting ridiculous .99.9% of Emails are scams.

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