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Thread: Chelthenham now Tuesday (Mar 6th)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elite_Pie View Post
    Seems a very sensible decision to me, to put it back to April would mean we go two weeks without a game. All the forecasts say the pitch should have thawed by then, and 5C is nothing out of the ordinary for a midweek game at this time of year.
    I agree. For me Iíd sooner us get the fixture out of the way as quickly as possible. The reasons being is that by the time we play Cheltenham on Tue we will have had a ten day break so thatís long enough. It also means that whilst we will have two games this week, weíve had the break to recharge and refresh so itís the best time.

    I do understand the merits of playing in April, from a weather point of view, but lots of clubs will have games in hand and sometimes the end of the season can be busy with rearranged games. So let us have an advantage over other clubs by not having games and hand and the points on the board.

    Rochdale are bottom of League One, but have played 30 games and are 12 points behind Northampton who have played 35 games. Id sooner be in Northamptonís position with the points on the board and games done, rather than having fixture congestion at the end of the season and having to play catch up risking fatigue and injuries and poor form.

    The only way games in hand are a good thing is when form is very good and a team is on a run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidders View Post
    To begin to answer this I would need your definitions of 'educated' and 'uneducated'.
    You've answered with a profound question of your own Sid. I'm assuming my old dad in law meant just being able to read and write and have a secondary education. My view was he was saying that if everybody in the world was educated to this standard, there would be that much disagreement on various topics and decisions it would be virtually impossible to live by a code of law and order.

    As said, viewed one way a deep question, viewed another way just a silly thought.

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