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Thread: Utter nonsense or just being clever???

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    Utter nonsense or just being clever???

    The game today should not have been called off, I work in Aston and the snow has almost gone, live in Bromsgrove and the snow here was 3 times as bad and its almost gone!

    So, was it the weather or could it have been a conspiracy to give extra time to the likes of Adomah and Grealish to get fit for Tuesday or better still v Wolves next week??

    PS, How on earth can wolves call off their game earlier today with a frozen pitch? Its +2c and everything has melted away. What is going on, did they hear we postponed and they followed suit, Utter nonsense in my opinion!!

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    I was thinking the same. Not so much the conspiracy side of things but it's good that it gives Adoma and Grealish time to get fit.
    Hmm thinking about it I think you could be right about the conspiracy? However they were expecting a big turn out so I'm not sure.

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    I don't think so - a lot of games were postponed in the lower leagues, the authorities would have wanted to reduce traffic in the icy conditions. No disrespect to QPR at all, at home even without Adomah and Grealish we would have had enough to get the win.

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    We will now have to play this game 3 days after playing wolves which will take its toll?

    Did anyone see the Peterborough v Walsall match from midweek? They played while the pitch was covered with 4 inches of snow, the players had to grab a rake to clear the lines!! Villa park pitch would have been perfect, as I said, I work in Aston and the roads were ok, the rail was ok, did we get a call from QPR saying it was unsafe for their fans?

    Blues fans had to travel to Nottingham, that game went on regardless although I bet Cotterill wished it had been postponed as the defeat cost him his job.

    Pardew next my lord....Pardew next, Oh lord Pardew next....

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