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    Hi all

    Long time reader and first time poster.

    Now, normally I am happy to read and enjoy all your views. Even Pboroghostoccult's fkn warped opinions on Rafa (which incidently are universally accepted as wrong and becoming boring fast). I enjoyed boxertricks and others a while back and was disapointed when he left but even he couldnt get me posting like this ruprect has. Ive got to get this out of my system.
    1) Ghostrider, are you the same one from the Mag who stirs the pot against Rafa non stop and is seen as Ashleys gimp?
    2) Ghostrider, are you also pboro?

    Because if the answer is yes to one or both of these queries then you are fkn mental.

    1-0 Toon next game. Lascelles.

    We are on the right track and just need cntie bollics Ashley out and a budget for Rafa in the summer. Judge the ***a when he has his own 1st choice players in.

    That is all.

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    Interesting. I think we have had an few “long time reader, 1st time poster” this week, no?

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    if I was a long time reader and hadn't yet bothered posting, then there would be nothing on this board at present to entice me into setting up a profile to join in....

    each to their own....

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    Hi Sclox. This is Occult. You are not the first person to express the view that me, Ghostrider and Pboro are one and the same person. This seems to stem from the belief that there can't possibly be more than one person critical of Rafa therefore it must be one person with multiple user names, a sort of schizophrenic. Let me assure you that I am not Ghostrider nor Pboro but, of course, if you and others wish to believe otherwise, you are welcome to do so.

    I do agree with Ghostrider though that the purpose of this board is to enable people to express opinions and these opinions may differ. The fact that one person does not agree with someone else should not lead to a torrent of abuse but, of course, if you believe otherwise you are welcome to keep abusing people you disagree with.

    I think we all hope that Rafa succeeds because, as I have said elsewhere, if he succeeds NUFC succeeds. But, as I have also said elsewhere, whilst taking into account mitigating factors such as under-investment, Rafa should not be immune from the critical analysis of his record which all his predecessors have had to put up with.

    As for Rafa's summer budget, this will be relevant only if we stay up because if we don't he won't be here. As I have also said, repeating the mantra that Ashley is to blame for our situation, whilst there may be some or a lot of truth in this, does not solve our immediate problem. Let's hope that we can attack more and beat Southampton. If we don't I fear the worst.

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    Much as I don't agree with a lot of what he's currently saying, I like Ghost. So there.

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    To be fair I've been waiting for 8 weeks to be able to post
    For some reason I wasn't given permission

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