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Thread: Let's face reality here

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    Let's face reality here

    We are a poor side who are incapable of playing any sort of decent football and if it wasn't for the Cup runs then this season would be another dirge fest.

    Before I go any further, may I reiterate that I like Stephen Robinson and think that he has done an excellent job overall this season. However, we are a dreadful footballing side which has been compensated for by a tremendous team spirit and will to win throughout the season, which has brought us some brilliant times, but that only gets you so far and today was yet another reminder that we are indeed, a poor side.

    When you look at our run to the split then it really does give you the fear that we will be lucky to pick up three points from those four matches combined and we will get horsed in the semi regardless who we play if we repeat today's performance and the performances of several matches this season, including the big games we have won.

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    Not unfair but I don't think that anyone thought much different.

    What made Robinson's work this season so impressive is the fact we're essentially dismal.

    The challenge next season of building on mediocre but safe to a top six challenger actually trying to play football will be huge.

    Our cup runs basically have bought a never ending amount of credit to cover things going wrong in the league. If we don't have them next season and keep playing like this - midtable or not - fans will put pressure on him very quickly.

    However, he has met every challenge so far, it must be said, and certainly deserves wholehearted backing going forward.

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    Yesterday was arguably our worst performance of the season perhaps and hopefully it was a total one off. However it wasn't the lack of footballing ability that lost us the game it was the lack, on the day, of fighting qualities. Our squad will need reshaped in the coming close season and its games like yesterday's which should shape Robinson's thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellup4it View Post
    Yesterday was arguably our worst performance of the season perhaps and hopefully it was a total one off. However it wasn't the lack of footballing ability that lost us the game it was the lack, on the day, of fighting qualities. Our squad will need reshaped in the coming close season and its games like yesterday's which should shape Robinson's thinking.
    We're missing Moult more than I thought we would. We've nobody as good as he was, with his runs and positioning, at keeping defences on edge, never mind the goals he scored. The manager was talking Cadden up in the papers during the week, but the fact is that Chris isn't getting to the bye - line the way he used to, and he fluffed a golden chance to drill an early ball into our strikers. It's been a while since we scored a goal like the one Cadden and Moult fashioned at Pittodrie when we won 2 - 0. The manager has a bit of thinking to do - Curtis manages to hold the ball up often enough, for example, but is often left with nobody to pass to.
    Leading question - is Frear injured?

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    I don't think you can claim it was a one off because we have basically been garbage since our first visit to New Douglas Park back in mid October and barring the Aberdeen away game we have not turned in what I'd describe as a 'good' footballing performance.

    Obviously we have picked up some terrific wins in that time with the Rangers semi final, the Accies Cup tie, Saints at home and last week being the standouts, but we were far from impressive in those games and a combination of luck, character and desire carried us through the majority, with obviously Louis Moult adding a bit of quality too.

    We obviously do miss Moult and indeed any other SPFL side outwith Celtic would miss a player of that quality, as he was not just a goalscorer, he was a very intelligent player who could bring other players into the game with his ability to hold up play and drag defenders about, so he is a big, big miss. It is no coincidence imo that Bowman and Cadden's performances have regressed considerably since he left. We can't though, rely solely on one player but that is what we did early on in the season.

    We have more than surpassed my expectations this season, and it could get even better yet, but if you are losing games like yesterday, Killie & Hibs at home, Saints away, County away - all bad, bad defeats, then that has to be a cause for concern.

    The Cup runs have definitely made this season.

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    We were abysmal yesterday, we were second to every ball and looked as if we lacked the desire, fight and know how to win the game. I keep harken back to the fact that Stephen Robinson doesn’t know his strongest starting eleven and making changes week on week is definitely effecting how we play as a team. Players aren’t building up an understanding of each other’s play,strengths and weaknesses. We have to start getting the same eleven players on the pitch at the start of games. Ciftci is certainly not fully fit and with the game against Celtic next Sunday and Ciftci’s absence against his parent club assured. I personally would not have had him involved yesterday and instead injuries permitting I would have played the team I intend playing against Celtic from the start yesterday giving them some competitive game time together. As it stands at the moment we are supposed to be having not too bad a season, yet Accies are meant to be having a terrible one and yet if they win their two games in hand they go level with us. Our next three games all at home Celtic,Rangers and Aberdeen will certainly define our season. Three defeats and no doubt we will be right in the mire and in a relegation/play off dog fight and judging by yesterday’s toothless fight we will be in real trouble.

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    I don't think we will be relegated or end up in the playoffs but at worst I think things could get a wee bit uncomfortable towards the end of the season especially if performances like yesterday are repeated.

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    We're having a brilliant season because of the cups. Our season is already (positively) defined by winning at Ross County, thrashing Aberdeen, beating Rangers in a cup for the first time in six decades, winning a cup derby, beating Hearts in a quarter-final etc. Ultimately it's nice to finish higher than lower and sure the extra prize money is nicer to have than not but really, who gives a flying...if you're not going to finish in the European spots and you're not in danger of being relegated, midtable mediocrity is midtable mediocrity whether you're fifth or ninth. Indeed, if you offered me 10th, a cup final and a semi-final (at least) last summer I'd have been delighted - and the manner in which we achieved those cup runs means I don't think we have any cause for complaint.

    Any time Accies survive it's a brilliant season for them btw. No doubt some of their fans will complain about their losing/winless runs (especially as they are often even worse to watch than us, which is really saying something) but realistically they can be very happy with this campaign again when they calm down.

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