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    Im hearing from a good source, NM is away tomorrow, personally Id stick with him, but plenty wont agree,

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    Honestly don't know ,I was one who thought it was a good appointment away from the usual candidates but it's clearly not working now ,I don't think any player wants to put a shift in for Mcann but that's just my opinion not based on fact or rumour.
    If he walked tomorrow Robbie Nielsen would be the man for me thought he did quite well at Hearts ,honestly phuck knows where this ends now......����������

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    said it elsewhere if NM was to part ways,i have little faith in J Nelms and SM getting the correct man in place as they have learned absolutely nothing from Hartleys tenure,plain for all to see that the same mistakes have been allowed to happen again.
    we are in deep deep trouble and the departures of Allan and Hendry may well turn out to be disasterous for the club,a transfer window from hell for us fans

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    Have also heard it. To be announced tomorrow Apparently on twitter.

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