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Thread: 3 home games

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    3 home games

    Want to be looking for maximum points but I'll settle for 6 or 7

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    If we can stay unbeaten in them, we need to be looking for at least 5 pts but 6 is possible.

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    7 minimum , opingfo 9 tho , nowt to lose gerratem , 3 soft sheeite southern teeums !!!

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    I reckon 7 pts is asking for too much when you look at how poor our home form is, but it IS possible of course. Just think of what it could do to our confidence if we've got a win though this time tomorrow night.
    Brum however have a dangerous set off winnable looking home games to come, and they will surely start winning some games again soon.

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    Really hope I am wrong but I can't see us getting more than 3 points over next 3. Stats don't lie and no matter how much motivational talk is pumped into the players, the fact is a lot of our players are not up to this level.
    I will happily take a I told you so if we get a decent haul but I believe we are heading for League One, I truly hope I am wrong!

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    It could happen! Must play McBurnie up front with Kieffer, not on the wing!

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    What will be will be. Just sit back n' enjoy the ride people. We could get nine points n' still go down. We could get nil poit n' stop up beating Leeds, Derby n' Notts Forest away.

    It's all mmming n' arring.

    If we're good enough we'll stop up. If we aren't we'll go down.

    Any points out of bottom three 'll do for me. If you'd offered me 4pts against Brum n' Hull I'd av' taken it a month since.

    We've lost to Cardiff n' Middlesbrough away n' our ar53 has fell out. It was hanging out a lot longer under Hecky. Just nobody noticed because he was from Royston.

    Plenty of fields n' cow sh1t near Royston but you wouldn't want it on your chips.

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