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Thread: Aunty Winnie Again

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    Aunty Winnie Again

    So sis, you're an expecting Aunt again in 3 months (Michelle is 27weeks)

    So what do you reckon fellow Villians

    Boy or a girl???

    Currently I am 4 daughters and my lovely wife 3 and we are currently expecting our first together.

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    Woo hoo! Does that mean I get to eat for two again, bro? *Orders extra jammy donuts. I do like to take my expectant Aunty role seriously.

    Hmm another prediction comp. I hope your not cheating and have already found out, bro. Well, looking at your track records, I should say girl, but I'll take a little gamble on boy.

    Any thoughts on names, Yubbs? Winnie had a nice ring about it. Could be for a boy or a girl.

    Seriously, big congrats and much love to both you and Michelle. Wishing you both a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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    Congratulations Yubby!! Law of averages would suggest it's going to be a boy.
    Haven't you had the 20 week scan yet?

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    Surely if it's a boy he should be called David.

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    Nooo don't encourage him, Bongo! I refuse to let my future possible nephew be known as David Villa Welch!

    Hey Yubbs. You forgot to mention that Statesey's an expectant Grandpa again. I think he'll be hoping for twins so he's got an excuse to eat for three! Runs off before Dad reads this and get sent to room for insubordination.

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    I do like David Villa Welch Bingo!

    We have names high on the list like: Justyce, Ethan, Halle, Eli, and we will use myhotwife's maiden name as a middle name if a girl, or if a boy will change our name to Her maiden name-Welch. Her late father had four girls so the name hasn't continued on

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    Nice names, Yubby, and I like the nod to your late father in law. I think you adding his name to yours in the event of a boy is a lovely thing to do to keep Michelle's family name alive.

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    Yeah if it's a girl we will use the last name as a middle name.

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