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Thread: FAO CAmiller

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    FAO CAmiller

    Monkwood juniors like Darlington,Rosehill juniors like Barcelona.Did Monkwood ever have a decent football team.Not that I can recall between 1960 -1964.

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    LOL Lol. 60-64 is a bit before my time but 71-72 Totty Cup and Scarborough 7s winners with RUFCs own Peter Carr as captain and myself and Matt's dad Phil. Even beat Ian Banks' team 12-2 in the cup quarter final, he got the 2

    Played on Rosehill's pitch once and was robbed of a rare CAMiller goal when my shot beat the keeper all ends up but stuck in the mud on the goal line at the Queens pub end

    PS Won the cup 3-1 and I think Dansk who was at Monkwood at the time even predicted the score
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    Good days,now even some school boy footballers have got agents.

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    Makes a change from agents having schoolboys

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    Bit naughty Patty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolmorgan View Post
    Good days,now even some school boy footballers have got agents.
    Yes, happy days. I can remember every one of that team from 47 years ago and quite a few from teams we played against.

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