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Thread: Jamie "Gozzin" Carragher

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    Jamie "Gozzin" Carragher

    does this mean the nauseating nasal nomarks voice won't be heard on SKY again

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    Probably not. One less jerk to listen to spouting his ballax

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    Can't get my head around this , what a kin idiot .

    We've all had this with opposition fans at one time , just laugh at em .

    Spitting at a 14 year old lass , dear me .

    Seriously summat wrong with his head .

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    The family have publicly said they hope he keeps his job behind his back they'll want blood though. He should lose his job. He would in any other profession.

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    One thing is for sure both parties should be banned from Driving , But "Gozzin" he needs to be kicked out of any football shows immediately , i remember his antics in the Prem match at Oakwell, horrible fella, Carnt stand him the Scouse Gett,

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