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Thread: 5 teams for 2 play off spots

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    5 teams for 2 play off spots


    Many may say Millwall, but their 6 off play offs and they wont keep winning so i think its the 5 till end of the season!

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    We have PNE and Boro at home and go to Bristol last up.
    Wilder might as well go for it as it's a free hit.

    Beat Forest,get something at Brentford and we are really looking quite good.

    We MUST play Duffy. Clarke when fit and Brooks when able after a horrible illness.

    Wilder knows what we need to do and knows his players.

    I think Holmes will play a part as will Lenny and Evans.

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    Boro and Bristol both mugged us so I like to think we owe them one.
    Preston at home is winnable.

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    yeah would agree sbt a couple of weeks ago it looked like only 1 play off spot available but derby doing there usual dying swan act again so 2 up for grabs again its now a 9 game free hit season but weve got to start getting brooks on the pitch for longer hes so unpredictable owt can happen think the boro home game is gonna be a big big game utb ftp

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    David Brooks is the key, we look better immediately when he's fit and doing his stuff.

    Some are saying "9 games left and 6 wins will do it"
    But if Derby and Boro win six also then even those six wins won't be enough

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    we need a minimum of 76 imo thats 5 wins and 2 draws at least brooks is the key i would like him to be starting games but chris saying hes not fit enough to start so can see his point in bringing him on for last 25 and running at tiring defenders the boy wonder and holmes coming off bench could be the tactic that gets us over the line

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    The goodish news it that we have to play some of those in the mix as do the rest so not everyine can get wins all the time.

    Come on Cardiff,do Derby on Sunday

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