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Thread: Seb Ross

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    Seb Ross

    Signed a new deal till 2020.

    I couldn't see what his position is but notice he's scored a few so probably up front or attacking mid.. anyone know? His brother Ethan is also on the books.

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    He's a midfielder.

    Can play right back too.

    Look out Shay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goalposter View Post
    He's a midfielder.

    Can play right back too.

    Look out Shay.
    I was actually going to just tag this onto the Shay thread on the hope that he was a RB

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    Its sad these lads have to wait until injuries plague our squad when nobody is playing particularly well for weeks.

    We stop players like wrightcand ross who have flair.

    Its mind boggling.

    They may have bad games like anyone but these guys are the future and are who i would pay money to see.

    Shame on you DM.

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    I do wish he'd take more risks with youth. Us fans would have to be prepared to put up with a bit more inconsistency, but I think most would be up for that if they seen a lot more youth getting a go, and you never know, it could be the spur/boot up the arse that players like Shay need now andy again.

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