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Thread: Itís easy really

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    Itís easy really

    Just piss off Bruce you ainít got a clue, we are crying out for Lansbury but that stupid ****
    Leaves him on the bench and puts on one **** striker after another, the midfield today was woeful to a man
    I really have no faith in Bruce for me the only thing certain is that we will be playing West Brom next season
    Come on DR Tony do the right thing and pull the trigger:

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    I agree that Bruce got it wrong the last 2 games, but we can't just throw him out now!! We have to calm down and let him sort it out. There are still a lot of stories to be written in this season and we just have to hope that we regain form in the last five games or so so that we can get to Wemberley!!!

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    Very strange decision to go with 4 strikers, I can remember Lambert or Sherwood doing that once and getting slated for it. We are far too reliant on the likes of Elmo & Snoddy who by the look of them aren't fit enough for the frequency of games in this league - both were off the pace.

    Bolton closed everything down and got in our faces, the same way we did against Wolves - WTF was Bjarnsson doing leaving his man for the goal-line? It's the job of the defence to do that, Hourihane was a passenger but it took an hour to replace him. We should be playing 4-4-2 in these games and going for the jugular.

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    Bruce does not make changes....He gets the blame, he makes changes....he gets the blame!
    It's the players who at fault and clearly it shows we have not got what it takes to gain promotion outright.

    We are now barring an almighty collapse, going to have to settle for the playoffs!

    That's always been my preference choice.

    Let's not panic and keep chugging on for tge last 8 game. They now have a 2 week break. Cardiff have to cram another game in and Co e to VP.

    24 pts to play for. Who knows? ?

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