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Thread: O/T Cricket or Rounders

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    O/T Cricket or Rounders

    ... the money men have reaped their reward yet again. Yet again a so-called England XI fails to bat properly by playing every ball on it's merit. Problem is the money men want cavalier cricket which looks good on the telly and attracts advertisers. Did you see the number of spectators - shocking. Why don't the ECB start up a rounders team ..

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    We could start by removing the fool who is coach he is terrible for the test team how we won in South Africa is a mystery to me.

    Test cricket could be dead within 15-20 years the ICC don't care either far too much cricket is crammed into a short window meaning you have little time to prepare for games....India will find that out in the summer when they are here.

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    The powers that be don't care about the longer form of the game, they see it as an inferior product. You only have to look at Notts County Championship fixtures for this year, they are largely crammed into the start and tail end of the season - 5 matches played by 14th May then only 4 between then and 19th August and the remaining 5 after this.

    You cannot blame the players for wanting to concentrate on the white ball.

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