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    One of Clitheroe's stands was destroyed in the storm a couple of weeks ago, and they're organising some events to help fund the replacement. One of them is an 'Evening with Sean Dyche and Simon Howarth' Thursday April 5th, 18.30, 10 a ticket, I think pie and peas are included, but even if they're not and you have to pay, you won't be asked rip off PL prices. Could be interesting, I believe Simon and Sean have a bit of history, something to do with a Wigan v Millwall game where Simon got sent off I think, but no doubt they're best of friends now.

    Typically I won't be able to go due to a prior engagement in Leeds. Bugger !!!

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    I might have a gander down to that.

    Anyone any ideas how we get tickets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    I might have a gander down to that.

    Anyone any ideas how we get tickets?
    Just answered my own question!

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    BT, don't hang about if you want a ticket, the guy in Banana News selling the tickets is a mate of mine, and he was saying today he already has a list of people giving him money for the tickets before he's even got them. I think they'll be sold out quickly.

    I am well pissed off I can't go, and to make it worse I can't get to the re-arranged Chelsea game either. FFS.

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    All gone.

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