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Thread: Collections at Chesterfield on Sunday

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    Collections at Chesterfield on Sunday

    Hi all, Spireite here in peace. Just wanted to let you all know and ask if you could spread the word as well, we are doing a joint bucket collection for the St John's ambulance and air ambulance. This because at our last home match, an elderly gentleman had a cardiac arrest and was brought back to life and kept alive by both ***** services. Lincoln fans have since raised over 1000, but we are looking to help both voluntary organisations more and add to this. There will be collectors outside the ground and inside the ground. I would be grateful if everyone could donate, even 1 each and we should be able to raise a lot to help both causes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to the match on Sunday (got to hope we get at least a point though!!)

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    I'll give a quid for each goal and each point we get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaxtonLad View Post
    I'll give a quid for each goal and each point we get.
    Tight wad

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    Of course, anything for a goid cause

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