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Thread: predict the score Saturday 31st,sun 1st& mon 2nd

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    predict the score Saturday 31st,sun 1st& mon 2nd

    usual rules good luck all

    Brighton v Leicester
    Newcastle v Huddersfeild
    Watford v Bournemouth
    West Ham v Southampton
    Birmingham v Ipswich
    Walsall v Portsmouth
    Arsenal v Stoke
    Chelsea v Tottenham
    Ipswich v Millwall
    Portsmouth v Wigan

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    Brighton 1 v Leicester*2
    Newcastle 2 v Huddersfeild*1 bank
    Watford 2 v Bournemouth*2
    West Ham 2 v Southampton*1
    Birmingham 0 v Ipswich*2
    Walsall 1 v Portsmouth*2
    Arsenal 3 v Stoke*1
    Chelsea 1 v Tottenham*2
    Ipswich 1 v Millwall*1
    Portsmouth 1v Wigan 2

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    Brighton 1-3 Leicester
    Newcastle 2-0 Huddersfeild
    Watford 2-1 Bournemouth
    West Ham 1-1 Southampton
    Birmingham 1-2 Ipswich
    Walsall 1-1 Portsmouth
    Arsenal 1-0 Stoke... bonk
    Chelsea 0-1 Tottenham
    Ipswich 1-2 Millwall
    Portsmouth 1-1 Wigan

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