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Thread: Anyone out there?

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    Anyone out there?

    Pents, Weasel, Shotts, USA, Paps, Brock, Martin anyone? FFS, I'll even talk to Bileys There if he came on.

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    Kernow, surely you still look in?

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    Jan 2010
    Nice to see some of the old names reappearing, perhaps this forum could live again.

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    Would be nice SaintD but don't hold your breath.

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    Aug 2010
    Wotcha Chief et al.

    I still look in occasionally but it's deader than disco lately. If you fancy coming to a game CW, or just fancy a pint, the Usual Suspects can normally be found in the 'Spoons by Ocean Village (Admiral Sir Lucius something or other), from early doors up until about 20 mins gpfrom KO. Shotts and his dad popped in for the last home game too, was good to see them.

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    I was only ever a bit part player on this site but used to love reading the posts. Be good if some came back.

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    Whato Pents, thought I'd give the old forum another go, not too hopeful of seeing any of the old guard on here any time soon but you never know. Be nice to see a few of your old skate mates come on for a catchup.

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    Yep I used to enjoy banter with our friends down the road.

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    Most of them were good sports anyway.

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    Jun 2009
    Good day gents, good to see a few of you are still alive

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