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Thread: Bewitched & Bewildered

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    Bewitched & Bewildered

    Bewitched To the lack of of a positive reaction when we fell behind V QPRs kids ?

    Bewitched S B couldn't match the tactical genius aka Ian Hollaway & change the game in our favour ?

    Bewildered Why S B chose to throw on FOUR strikers V Bolton when we couldn't create anything those playing up front prior their introduction ?

    Bewildered How Hull controlled the entire second half during which we never laid a glove on them ?

    Bewildered As to why Mr Bruce imagines/foresees A V F C can catch Cardiff with this team who cannot despatch the weaker sides in the Championship

    IF we do gain promotion we require ;
    1. Massive investment
    2.The recruitment of an astute manager with tactical nous

    Otherwise-our stay in the Premiership may prove to a short & agonising visit !
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    To say that last night’s performance was a disappointment would be a gross understatement. It was totally disjointed with very little skill displayed and Villa players hoofing the ball in the air anywhere a lot of the time. Pandemonium also reigned on occasion in the defence in the goal mouth areas with players trying to be to clever by dribbling out of trouble. With further displays like that the club will be lucky to make the play offs and any hope of being promoted and retaining Premiership status you can forget it with that squad. They simply are not good enough without considerable spending to strengthen the squad.

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    The United player does not impress me at all. I think Bree is better.

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    Back on track today.

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    Played some great football yesterday, inconsistency has been our problem this season and looking at the defeats & draws against 12 teams in this division we took just 4 points. Fulham are on a brilliant run and I can see them nicking 2nd place, them or Cardiff will be favourites for the playoffs.

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    Played some lovely football and tbh absolutely battered them really..

    Loved that after the Icelandic Viking scored a belter is fans were shouting shoot every time he touched the ball and he did but started hitting corner flags 😂

    Terry was a rock as was Chester n Kodja looked lively when he came on..

    I really like hogan as he runs threw brick walls

    Really need to get to more games

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