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Thread: Swindon's big game

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    Swindon's big game

    Are youse ready for your cup final tomorrow, eh, EH??? The mighty blues are coming to play slightly better football than your lot, possibly, and walk away with three valuable points. Maybe. Er, yeah.

    Good luck for the rest off of the season, except when you play us lol.

    Oh, wait...

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    Anything could happen with our lot griff so a prediction from me is futile really.

    Have a good break with her in doors

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    Not a bad turnout all things considered eh

    I went to my local shop yesterday. The guy who mans the till is from Carlisle and tried to make the journey up on the opening day of the season as a Carlisle fan but couldn't get time off in the end.

    Anyway I said to him "are you happy with the result?"

    He said "yeah man - made up"

    "Oh you're happy with a point then" I said

    "Nooo it were 3-2 to UTD. Effin brilliant result" he said

    OFFS i thought. "so you're a Man U fan then? But Carlisle first tho yes?"

    Firtive twitching of eyes and a shakey "Oh aye"

    lol it's a sad sad world

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    All I have in an answer to your above post Gaz, is that the guy in your local shop is a Prick.

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    Aye it nearly made me vomit Alto

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