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Thread: 2014 v. 2018 11 v. 11

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    2014 v. 2018 11 v. 11

    I continue to push the positive line, that we will get into the playoffs, even if we get mullered tonight. So I was looking at the respective teams, man for man, to assess if we are as up to scratch now as we were back in 2014, based on form going into the playoffs not just the final itsself. My personal assessment is:

    Goalie – Lee Grant v. Scott Carson Gotta give it to Carson every time

    Right Back – Andre Wisdom v. Andre Wisdom. He must have learned something in four years so I’ll give a marginal yes to the wisdom of today

    Centre Back – Richard Keogh v. Richard Keogh/Alex Pearce. Over the course of that season, Keogh was way better than he is currently and better than Alex Pearce in that last 5% AP just can’t give IMO

    Centre Back – Jake Buxton v. Curtis Davis. God bless Bucko, but CD EVERY time

    Left Back – Craig Forsyth v. Chris Baird. On today’s form Bairdy, but I’m looking at the Forsyth of 2014. CF gets the nod, just, despite Baird’s versatility

    Midfield – Jeff Hendrick v. Joe Ledley – No touching Jeff IMO

    Midfield – George Thorne v. Tom Huddlestone. At 2014 levels, GT

    Midfield – Will Hughes v. Bradley Johnson – Willy all the way

    Forward – Johnny Russell v. Andy Weimann. Despite Johnny's exciting style, I’m giving this marginally to Andreas

    Forward – Jamie Ward v. Matej Vydra. Ahem….

    Chris Martin v. David Nugent. Based on form of the time, Martin, although he didn’t spark in the final and Ted is a ‘big game’ player

    So its marginal, pretty much confirmed by our relatively similar position. The big difference though, not evident from the 11 v. 11, is that we don't 'click' as a team like we did then, it was enthralling to watch sometimes that season

    Any opinions?
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    Youíve missed out Mcclaren v Rowett

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    And although your summaries are pretty accurate it's not going to count for much. This one is going to the wire.

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    Good analysis but afraid it's irrelevant no way will this team make the playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewyman633 View Post
    You’ve missed out Mcclaren v Rowett
    Good point, out the two I don't know who I'd rather have. I know it's a results game but the footy has not been as good to watch under Rowett compared to Mac. Also I don't like filling a team with oldies! Saying that if we make the play offs I think we could make it but would we becoming down following season? Whatever happens Rowett should be given another year.

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    I know it was different players but Mcclarens team hammered Wolves 5-0 ,with football that was a pleasure to watch and from then on we have got rid of most of those players and replaced them with Dadís Army or overpriced mediocre players at best
    Did we actually have a shot last night ? I canít recall 1

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    One shot off target One shot at Preston One shot in target v Sunderland One shot at QPR

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    Consistant then
    How Vydra is the highest scorer in the league baffles me

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