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    Cheers Roy. Mostly reasonable. I paricularly liked the last one.

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    Not a bad attempt by the 1st one but he's no deadbat,they say they don't get any credit well I'll give em some you can see why they've got where they are went for every ball like their lives depended on it ,like we did last yr,we had the better chances as usual and missed em as usual although both keepers pulled some amazing saves off,they did what they had to do and all credit to em pity can't say same for their neanderthals,they moan about being stereotyped and then the majority just confirm the feeling,proper knuckle draggers the majority, quite a few older than me about time they grew up and got into this century,it was never ok but for a time 30/40yrs ago it was the norm well the worlds moved on as have most of us about time they did too

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    Someone should tell the first bloke to use paragraphs to aid understanding.

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    I like the post by the numpty who said they were more cautious because a draw was ok for them but not us.
    And when they needed to score a goal they just scored one
    I wondered why they didn't just decide to score another seeing as they could have done it at will.

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