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Thread: Callum Hawkins Comm Games Marathon

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    Callum Hawkins Comm Games Marathon

    I was crying as I was watching this guy so close to the finish line , leading the race, and prior to collapsing the first time had the wobbles for a couple of hundred metres, he did get back up after what seemed to be minutes and was struggling majorly, but competiveness kicked in he ran still leading the race for another wobbly 800mtrs and collapsed again, very hard footage to watch.

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    I have a massive amount of respect for all athletes at Games like these, rarely a lot of money involved , and the hours and sacrifices they put in, is something to be admired. And to run something like a marathon in almost 30degrees, I tip my hat.

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    I didn't see it, bro, and couldn't get your clip to work, but I'd have found that hard to watch too. These games, and even more so, the Olympics, can be very moving to watch at times. A lifetime of sacrifices for a dream that can either be made or shattered in just a moment ...

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