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    At long last the right ingredients are coming into place,with the low pressure in the Atlantic and high pressure over the continent the conditions will be right,(TM)+(TC)= Heat,bring it on midweek and enjoy,get the grass cut griff and open your red wine bottles while you are at it.

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    Aye, the grass looks like it needs good trim but if I'm on the red the stripes will end up looking a bit wonky. And I'll believe the good weather when I see it.

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    Gan on a cruise to Honduras,Belize and Mexico followed by a week on the Gulf coast starting Saturday,so i can confidently predict warmer weather is coming my way.

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    Well that's all folks,was nice while it lasted Tm+Pm = cooler ah well roll on the next time.

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    Name:  IMG-20180122-WA0023.jpg
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    I was lucky enough to be supping Aspells cider here in the The Crab yesterday in the glorious sunshine

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    Look at this beautiful church in Freshwater,stunning

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    Lovely stuff Chalky.

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    It's great to visit my friend on the IoW,she's very lucky

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    It's lovely in Shanklin,sipping pints of cider by the sea

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    Took Coco down to the Trent in sunshine,he couldn't take his eyes off the swans,totally transfixed

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    My nephew went camping 'in beautiful Rutland'Name:  IMG-20180512-WA0004.jpg
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Size:  100.6 KB and bragged about the outdoor life and eating BBQs in the open air,I went to visit him and found this.....

    I just sat pissing mesen

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    The great levitating barbeque!

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    Bloody hell,I never noticed that...

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