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Thread: Bah!!!!

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    As someone that no longer attends St Marys on a regular basis I dont feel qualified to condemn or condone the team to harshly but what happened on Saturday against Chelsea has changed that. Sick to the pit of my stomach is the polite description of how I feel about my team right now. I cant watch any football nor talk about football or read about football at the moment. No doubt this will change when we kick off against Leicester but for now I hate Saints and the board for messing up my entire weekend. My stomach is in a big knot at the moment.

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    That Is understandable but I am still one that is looking for a continued improvement. Maybe something to give us hope for next season.

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    Chaps, who do you reckon's to blame for the situation you find yourself in.... Pelegrino, Les/Ralph', the board, Pents, the players, ???

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    Mostly the management. Everybody with half a brain could see that Pellegrino was not up to the job. He should have been removed before the transfer window which would have given a new man the chance to buy a couple of players better suited to the Premier League. As it was he stayed and then bought Carillo for 19m. The worst deal ever on a striker who doesn't seem to know how to score.
    The manager had a lot to do with our position in so far as how he wanted us to play. The players partly due to way they now fold easily when under pressure.
    For me LES REED has to take the most responsibility. It was his position of power that ran /runs this mess.

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    Maybe its just me getting older, but I find it affecting me less nowadays.
    The last game I went to was at home to Stoke and looking at the players I was struggling to see one that I had any respect for.
    Whilst I was disappointed on Saturday I wasn't surprised, we have a team of cowards who either don't care enough or aren't good enough.
    Imo its been downhill since the summer a couple of years ago when we lost Koeman, sold Mane and Pelle and didn't replace any of them adequately. Add to the selling our two first choice centre backs and again not replacing them means we are going down.
    Whilst I think Les Reed has to be held accountable for the impending relegation, it would be slightly unfair to solely blame him.

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