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Thread: Celtic again

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    Celtic again

    This time lets go out and pump them......MON THE WELLLLL

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    We owe these b4stards for their antics in November. It'll be very tough but if we play our harrying, combative style of play we can beat them.

    I'd like to see Robinson or someone from the club come out and state that the referee needs to be strong and not be conned by Celtic's gamesmanship like the last final.

    I'd take a nervy 90 minutes where we've frustrated the hell out of them then win it in the last minute with a Curtis Main penalty.

    If we are ever going to win silverware again, this is is our chance so we need to take it.

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    If we can't give them a better game than that mob did I'd be hugely disappointed. That was like a training session for Celtic. 19th May and your time is coming Celtic. Stop your cheating and see if you can beat us fair and square. COYW

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    There were pros and cons facing either of the ugly sisters so happy to take the positives of whatever we got.

    I'm sure Robinson and Rodgers will give the media all kinds of tit for tat once the next Old Firm game is out of the way and there will be exclusive interviews aplenty with that oppressed, shrinking violet of a ball-player Scott Brown.

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    Turn this to our own advantage by using the media to put the pressure on Sellic. Every interview our players have before the final they should be talking them up by saying such things as how good our opponents team are and the quality of players that Sellic have. How nobody expects us to win the final etc . Then on the day of the match go out and get stuck right in from the first whistle giving them no opportunity to strut their over inflated egos. Yes the final will be a big ask,but if we give our all for 90 minutes and we’re to lose I don’t think I could be critical,however if we stand off of them like Sevco did today and don’t compete and allow players like Brown to walk about like a world beater then I would go ballistic . Be interesting to see who is appointed as referee. COYW

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    Odds on the retiring Craig Thomson

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwok View Post
    Odds on the retiring Craig Thomson
    If that's the case Robinson, and I know it's not his style, has to put pressure on him in the lead up to the final. One thing's for sure that slimey c*** Rodgers won't be slow coming forward. He has to remind him how he got it wrong at Perth, how he got it wrong in the league cup final and how he made a complete a*** of it at Fir Park sending Kipre off. He also has to remind him how easily the Celtic players go to ground when brushed against. It will be a huge ask, it's a one off game lets get right in about them. No respect given. One things for sure. We will give them a tougher game than the other lot did today. How spineless are that lot.

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    Thomson won't get two finals in a season, retiring or not.

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    Hope not, but I wouldn't rule it out.

    As it's Celtic we'll be playing we'll be down the other end of Hampden from yesterday to allow Celtic to get their 'own' end. I suspect we'll be getting an allocation of between 13-16k. It'll be bigger than it was for the League Cup I'm sure, as there is more prestige attached to the Scottish Cup.

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    Yes, we have to put pressure on the referee.

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    13k we've asked for - 10000 for us, and 3000 for 'infiltrators'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sieb1886 View Post
    13k we've asked for - 10000 for us, and 3000 for 'infiltrators'?
    If the infiltrators help roar us on to victory am not giving a f*** who goes....

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    Can hardly see Celtic fans from our town roaring us on in the middle of our fan area? Infiltrators = Celtic fans, and not occasional fans ... who I welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sieb1886 View Post
    Can hardly see Celtic fans from our town roaring us on in the middle of our fan area? Infiltrators = Celtic fans, and not occasional fans ... who I welcome.
    Ah...I see what you mean....I thought you were talking about the Rangers fans desperate to get to see a final...

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    Tell all the Gers and Dons fans you know
    The “WELL” are in the Scottish cup final their no
    We won’t just sit back
    Let the Celtic attack,attack
    Cause we will be right in their faces from the word go

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