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Thread: Double/ treble

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    Double/ treble

    Looks like Motherwell can only stop this happening now, seems unlikely. Then again seem to remember a certain hun team (rip) going for it in 94 and were stopped, albiet very unlikely ,by a certain Ivan Golacs tangerine army! So come on Mother my well😀

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    Ha ha. I remember that old team rangers being upset by the loss of their double treble. Happy times, great memories 😆

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    That hvn team are going for 8 trophies in a row tae, and yes I thought Amy that yesterday watching motherwell, wouldn't surprise if they won it

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    After Chris Boyds crazy statements on radio Scotland about the downturn of DUFC is somehow connected to RFC (rip) downfall? I was simply delighted to watch him squirm on sky sports. Man what a downer he is on and long may it continue

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