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Thread: Midfield dilemma for final

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    Midfield dilemma for final

    To a man our team was excellent on Saturday. Campbell and Grimshaw both excellent in mid-field and not surprised their pairing worked effectively. Iíve often posted we have better on the bench and against Aberdeen we saw what could have been all season. Problem now Ö who does Robinson play in the final ? IMO stick with same formation and sod any sentiment for McHugh. Hearts goal apart he's too slow, poor distribution and caught on ball to often. I'd also have Frear in terracing alongside the fans.

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    The same team earned the right to start next week but it's a month till the final - if Grimshaw returns to his regular form he will not be in the starting XI for long.

    Realistically, I think McHugh will start the final as he still offers a protection to the defence/dropping in as an extra defender none of the three from yesterday with Campbell a certainty, it's Rose or Grimmy for the last spot.

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    IMO I think yesterday’s starting eleven have more than justified starting the final. The running our players did in midfield and up front on closing down the opposition will be important again in the final. I feel that the two central defenders of Sellic are as about as secure as a MFI wardrobe and by challenging them for every ball will result in us getting our rewards.

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    Our midfield was brilliant yesterday, imagine those two in "broonies" face for 90minutes. If Grimshaw keeps up that type of form that would be the midfield pairing for me.

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    Our major concern for the final is not midfield but the strikers as both Ciftci and Newell are out. Bottom line is we have to protect Main and Bowman.

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    I doubt we'll miss either tbh...they'd have no chance of starting and from what they've shown this season they're more likely to hinder than help if thrown on in desperation.

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    Agreed on the Cifti / Newell assessment. However, Wellup4it makes a valid point ... that being, if we lose Purple Rain or Bowwzzaa we've nowt up front.

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    Bowman would be a blow but we could rearrange a formation...if Main is out we can just skip straight to the beach

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    Do we protect both by not playing them if they are fit in the last league game of the season against Accies, I certainly would. Play Ciftci and a n other up front against Accies

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    I wouldn't...we saw from 2011 that going in on a horrific run with the team all over the place did us no favours. I'd basically keep the strongest side out there each game while protecting niggles and - given the Ciftci/Newell situation - maybe seeing if any of the U20 strikers could justify a place on the bench.

    The exception would the Thistle game as there's little point in getting people playing three times in a week for no reason - rotate plenty there.

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    Bowwzzaa and our Main man should be nowhere near the final 2 league games IMO. Be just like the 'Motherwell thing' for 1, or FFS, both, to collect weird style injuries. Surely we put Cifti in there along with an under 20? No point in any risks; we've made our money getting to 2 Cup Finals in a season, so we rest our best threats, then let them go for the throats of the Sellik centre backs on May 19th.

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