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Thread: Bury relegated

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    Bury relegated

    How satisfying is that. I know your reading this floppy, i am dancing on your clubs soggy grave. Its a bit of a slap in the face for the rest of us having to face you buck toothed lisping retards. Cant wait for your denial you give a damn, as ten faced as it comes.

    So much for your owners, they saved the club only to make it a laughing stock. It should be allowed to die peacefully, or sink to the northern league where it should be.

    What about you Kel what do you think?. Be careful how you reply. If you cuss, you will be seen as an immature child, you even have a baby as your avatar, how apt. If you reply without abuse, i will be seen as curbing your excesses, and we cant have that. If you dont reply, ive won. As i always do.

    You cant win, i have you in a corner where you will implode, you cant act without being seen as a cnt.

    By the way, where is Chalky? Probably drinking schnapps with mad dog Putin. You lefties are sick.

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    Do keep up, Francis, I have a new avatar of you.

    How come you didnít get back to me on your inability to spell whilst calling me dumb?

    Thick cu­nt.

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    Thankyou Kel, you have a picture of me. Its a bit like Jesus and his disciples. Anyway Rochdale, who you dont support, could slide down the drain too. Life is good. While your down there, lick between my toes, ive got some cheese there that needs removing.

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    What a poor comeback, Francis. If you ask nicely, I’ll stop humiliating you.

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    Kin ell is this place still going? Hi Frank!

    Come and meet me and the boy Andover at the Swan on Saturday. It'll be like old times.

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    Fck you scabby eyed count, you must think ive lost my marbles you effusion from Stoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psaw View Post
    Fck you scabby eyed count, you must think ive lost my marbles you effusion from Stoke.
    Goodness Frank a nice request and you turn him down with obscenities..

    Hey Frank anytime you are up in Aberdeen I will take you out to some of the best coffee shops around that's a promise .

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    Aye, you go inside and have a nice coffee Jimmy, and leave him on his lead tied up outside, with his scarlet nose pressed against the glass.

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