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Thread: FIFA charge Russia

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    FIFA charge Russia

    For fan racsim against France.

    Surprised ? No

    BC-SOC--Russia-Racism Charge,122
    FIFA charges World Cup host Russia for fan racism
    Eds: APNewsNow.
    FIFA has charged World Cup host Russia with fan racism less than two months before the tournament begins. Monkey chants were aimed at black French players during France's 3-1 friendly win over Russia in St. Petersburg last month. FIFA says "disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the Russian Football Union for this incident."

    England should pull out then others will follow.

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    Southgate says we should get our own house in order before criticising Russia after England U17’s were abused on twitter .

    Yes we also have idiots

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    We certainly do

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    Jeremy Corbyn says they weren't Russian fans but were Israeli extremists in cossack outfits planted to cause trouble.

    He says we need more evidence, a parliamentary debate, United Nations sanctions, a visit from the Salvation Army and 3p off petrol at Tesco before we start blaming the Russians

    Nicola Sturgeon painted her face blue, shouted "Freedom" and consulted her atlas to check where russia actually was.

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