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Thread: Has anybody.......

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    Has anybody.......

    ....had tit Tuesday yet? It's sunny up here but still a bit, ahem, nippy so nee norks yet.

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    I have just got back from hospital. I had a fit, foaming at the mouth, shaking, and had let rip. Funnily enough it was just after reading griffs message. The doctor said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, and that he had seen this before. Usually it affected people having watched the one show on BBc , or any BBC programme.

    He said that my brain synapses exploded after being shocked by an intense wave of utter boredom, cretinism, and low IQ invasion. An improvement would be giving a commentary on passing cars in your street, mimicking the sound a paper makes after turning a page, and staring at a tap for an hour.

    The treatment was to stop doing what i had done, so here i am........aaaaarrrgh....

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    Aye, but of you had tit Tuesday yet?

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    To answer your question, no. I suppose there is a va gina friday, or an ar sehole sunday. What relevance is the day.? I want an answer. I suppose when it comes to food, there is a monday lasgagne, or a tuesday fry up etc. Get a fcking brain you fcking MORON.

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    It was just an example France, no need to go even mure puce than normal. You can have tit Friday if you like, your f­ucking choice.

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    How about Sweaty Cu­nt Saturday?

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