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Thread: Seanís forfeits

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    Seanís forfeits

    D4 gives an inside track on Seanís discipline.
    Defour explained: ďFor example, if you donít respect the rules, like being late, you have to spin some kind of wheel. Each letter represents a forfeit like imitating Elvis Presley, going for a swim in the river close to the stadium, create a boys band or play the crossbar challenge, paying £50 if you miss. Itís in this atmosphere that I was having a good seasonĒ.

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    "Sean's Wheel of Fortune"

    Could do worse than put that on the Beeb at 19.30 on a Saturday night.

    Come on down?

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    Hope it doesn’t inspire fans from Belgium to jump into the river near the stadium as that would be the canal!
    Unsure how some primadonnas would take to these, say at Arsenal or Everton.
    Who gets the £50.
    Reminds me of my cricket days when fines for late arrival, not having all whites on, dropping a catch, no scoring 5 or getting a duck or being run out all lead us having sufficient money for an end of season trip and night out in York.

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