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Thread: Rochdale escape

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    Rochdale escape

    Jeremy here. I notice with intense dismay that Rochdale have stayed up. This peanut of a club, kept alive by directors cash, does not deserve to be in the football league.

    The chairman was in tears at the end, so was i, because these imposters carry on. When you think that Stockport York, Southport, Wrexham Tranmere, etc are locked out. How selfish can you get?, these blinds salesmen have no conscience. When these footballing terrorists run out of money, Rochdale will sink like a leger in a pond.

    I bet these people are butt fcked, skirt wearing, lipstick wearing lefties, like the leftie goons on here. It costs a pretty penny i bet to keep Rochdale in toilet paper, and there is some satisfaction that the chairman is being bled dry. Why does he love the club so much? Rochdale are anonymous. There is nothing to be proud of bar one thing, survival.

    And that wont last. I have no qualms about dancing on graves, i look forward to this one, i can just see it, Rochdale 0 Clitheroe 4, att 187, Northern league div 1 north. Position, 24th. Die you ba stds.

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    Hi Jeremy.

    Is Frank coping ok with this hot weather?

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    I used to love going down legering on Arnold Park as I lad....

    Now do me Frank,throw some insults my way but not as vicious as the ones you give Kel



    I've put two posts on here and they have both been deleted instead of being edited 😠

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    There was a nice feature about Spanish Dale on the One Show tonight,he is a Spanish lad that got to like Rochdale through playing FIFA games,the fans at Spotland raised £500 to pay for his first passport and bring him over to watch Saturdays crunch match,that's a great gesture to somebody that they don't know,Rochdale has been in the news in the past for all the wrong reasons but this shows you how much generosity that there is in the town,I'm chuffed that they stayed up at the expense of their local rivals Oldham

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    Rochdale stayed up because they deserved it I suppose .

    They are a decent team with a good support for sure Frank.

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    This is not Frank. This is not Frank. Its Jeremy, or if you want to draw a parallel, Norman Bates. From Bates motel. Disco sap more like. Good support, are you insane?, you butt fcked socialist. Rochdale get 2,000 per home game. No, 1999, because Kel doesnt go.

    You want me to insult you eh Chalky, i can do better than that. I chain sawed my own mother, and when i track you down, im going to chain saw you in two, baste you in lard, then barbie you, served in a bun to my dogs. Even dogs throw up.

    Jeremy. Anyone want to come and stay? And then check out.

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    Hi again Jeremy.

    Would you like me to repeat my question or are you selectively reading like that sweaty cu­nt brother of yours does?

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    Even dogs throw up... Very good Jeremy,I liked that,speaking of which,how is Molly,I hope that you are taking good care of her

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    Hello, This is Frank and Jeremys sister Connie. Thankyou for your enquiry Mr Kel, as you must know Frank is very unwell with emphysema. He has difficulty breathing and currently finds it difficult to move around. He is connected to an oxygen supply. Anyway i will pass on your regards.
    Jeremy is away at the moment so i have used the computer and found this. It seems a nice site. Jeremy is playing his usual games, just dont get involved. Cocopops sounds a nice name, were you born in 1961 mr Cocopops. I was born in1966. I have been married, but it didnt work out. When we broke up i had to sell one of my businesses to pay him off, plus a car. How about you, have you had a good life? Are you sad like me?

    Maybe Frank will be better tomorrow, hope to hear from you cocopops. Connie x

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    Molly is fine. x Thriving.

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    Hi Connie.

    What colour knickers are you currently wearing? x

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    And how big are your tits?

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    Hi Connie, does yer fanny look like a clowns pocket?

    If so can you measure your curtains cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funny_flopbags View Post
    And how big are your tits?
    I wondered who would be the first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psaw View Post
    When we broke up i had to sell one of my businesses to pay him off, plus a car.
    What do you feel about prenuptial agreements,they are not worth the paper that they are written on I've been told,do you fancy meeting for a drink sometime?

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    Hello Cocopops, I think you are right, agreements are the way to go. But when you are in love it must be a bad influence. I have been in love twice in my life, both ending in tears. Once though when i was 15.
    Of course i would like to go out for a drink. I expect you live in Cambridge. I live in Melbourne which is just south of Cambridge. I notice boys are saying their usual boyish nonsense. I prefer a man, an adult like you. There are many good restaurants in Cambridge if you want to book.

    Let me know when....Connie. x By the way Mr Kel, i cant repeat what Frank said. It wasnt nice and im am shocked he used such language.

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    Hi Connie.

    I now make that three people in your family who donít know the existence of apostrophes. I can only conclude it was your parents who ultimately failed you all. Were they a bit mongy?

    You harlot x

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    Nevermind the lack of apostrophes,Connie can't even spell the place in which she claims to live,I think that Melbourn hasn't got an E on the end of it if my memories of traveling the A10 serve me right

    Is that you playing with my love life Frank?

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    Surely not Chalkz. Frank wouldn't do that would he?

    Nah, it's Connie. She has several convictions for prostitution but I hear she's ok really.

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    Just got in from a club. I have to get Frank to the clinic tomorrow. Had a bop or two. One fellow asked for a number, but no. I dont think there is anyone out there really. You are right cocopops i got the spelling wrong, oh well. You boys are quite brutal. Frank says you lot are a bit psychopathic. Connie.. off to bed.

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